What to Look Out for When Finding for the Cheapest Maid Insurance


Insurance is also a part of life, even it helps us afterlife also, nowadays everyone has insurance. Even your domestic help also has a right to get insurance, for their future if anything happens to them. From many countries it has been made mandatory, to take the insurance of the maid before appointing them.

The paper of the insurance has to be submitted to the government, no matter if they already have any insurance or not. In this article, I have mentioned how you can get insurance at cheaper prices.

What is Maid Insurance?

Before knowing any steps or anything about the cheapest maid insurance, the very first thing you should know about the definition of maid insurance.

Maid Insurance is government insurance, or it can also be said as a government required insurance policy that is given to the domestic workers for work or non-work related issues.  This insurance also consists of medical insurance including any kind of accident.

This insurance is formally required by the ministry of manpower, however, the amount of insurance also raised from low to high providing benefits for the victims.

In many countries, it is strictly mandatory to buy maid insurance, especially in Singapore.  In Singapore, it is mandatory to buy maid insurance, for their domestic help and have to submit it to their government. This covers medical care charges and other work-related medical help.

The basic aim of this insurance is to protect your maid and their family financially if any accident, permanent disability, or death takes place.

Compare the prices

Expenses are increasing day by day, people are finding different ways how they can save their money from different directions.  It is important to save money from where you can choose your own budget, talking about the maid insurance then this is the area where you can save your expenses and get the cheapest maid insurance. For this, the first way is to compare the prices.

Some companies offer maid insurance at a very higher price whereas some company offers the same plan offer at a very low price. You do not notice this before, or during the insurance and this is why many times you end up to insure at a very high price when you can negotiate at lower prices.

Best time to buy the Maid insurance

You may think how is this even possible, all times are the same for the maid insurance whenever you buy them. But it is not true there is a time for maid insurance in which you can buy things at a cheaper price. The time when there is not much employment for maid insurance and fewer people buy this.

At that time you can buy maximum maid insurance policies at a cheaper price as compared to any other time. So, rush for that time which gives you a cheaper and a great deal. Not only you will get cheaper prices but you will also get maximum options. Before buying any maid insurance, first, you should know the right time when you should buy the maid insurance.

Insurance should be able to give more price, and along with the death also notice and see that the family members of your domestic help should be able to avail services all the insurance benefits. Like many companies offer insurance only when the worker is dead which is not right and maybe the government of that particular country will not accept that.

Get offers and discounts

When you buy a single or two maid insurance then the company may not provide you with more discount. Whereas when you will get maid insurance in bulk then you will get maximum discounts which means if you are looking for insurance for more domestic help then you can avail a lot of offers and there are few companies who will give you discounts in bulk.

Also, there are many companies who will provide you with less, facilities at higher prices never go for this kind of maid insurance. Before buying any insurance first look if you are buying it correctly or not also look and check about what are the offers which the insurance is offering. In this way, you will be able to avail more services in less time.

Maintain a credit record

The other way to lower the amount of maid insurance is to maintain a good credit record. Maintaining a good credit record will help you to lessen your insurance costs. For this, you have to maintain a good record and always check your record and see if there is any error then remove it instantly.

The insurance costs are paid at different time intervals, some are paid monthly whereas some are paid after two or three months depending on their costs. Try to submit all the costs at a time this will help you to lessen the costs and will provide you with the insurance at less amount and you will get the benefit, as well as your domestic help, will also get the benefit.


In today’s generation insurance is a very important thing, because there is no guarantee of human life. Even people insure their vehicles and all, then it is still the life of humans. The helper working in your family also needs insurance either by your will or by the pressure of the government, this is because there are many countries where insurance of maid is compulsory which is known as maid insurance.

This insurance is compulsory from the side of the government, which helps to ensure the life of your domestic help. Even if your domestic help becomes disable then also, this insurance will help them. However, there are few ways by which you can buy this maid insurance at a cheaper price.

In this article, I have mentioned how you can buy insurance at a lower price. I hope you liked this article.

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