Know Your Rights If Your Family Member Died In A Car Crash in Tucson


Losing a loved one in an accident is a fear of many. Suffering the loss of a beloved can cause mental and emotional trauma. You may experience depression, disbelief, shock, numbness, and even anger. But, losing a family member can not only cause you emotional loss but also financial, especially if they were a significant earning member of the family. 

Thankfully, the deceased’s family can get compensation for wrongful death with the help of a Tucson auto accident attorney. The party at fault can pay for funeral costs and medical expenses and provide a certain level of financial security to the family.  You can go here to learn more about that.

Who Is Eligible For Compensation For A Wrongful Death In A Car Accident?

Upon the death of a family member, it is natural for people not to think straight about other factors affected by the accident other than the deceased person. Often people are in such disbelief and shock after the incident that they do not hold the capacity to think about the financial losses that follow. However, losing an earning member can affect your family significantly, and you should take proper steps to protect your rights. 

Many people have car accident insurances that may cover their losses. However, it would not be right to pay for the losses using the deceased’s insurance if another party was at fault. According to Arizona state laws, the victim’s family has the right to obtain compensation in case of wrongful death. The family may file a claim in court with the help of a car accident attorney and provide the necessary details and evidence to get the compensation. 

Typically, the following family members get compensated. 

Spouses- The surviving spouse gets compensated for losing companionship as well as going through emotional trauma. 

Children- If the deceased had minor children, they would get compensation for losing their mother or father at a young age. That includes comfort and support as well. 

Parents- If you have lost your minor child in an accident, you may be able to receive compensation for emotional trauma. 

What Can You Get Compensated For?

Each car accident case is different. Your compensation may depend on several factors such as members in the family, the number of parties involved, age and earning ability of the deceased, cost of living of their city, etc. An auto accident attorney can help get compensated for the following. 

  • Medical expenses before the deceased succumbed to their injuries. 
  • Cost of repairing or replacing the damaged vehicle. 
  • Funeral and burial expenses. 
  • Current and future financial support.
  • Pain and suffering. 

The court can also award punitive damages to the defendant if the accident occurred because of their negligence and reckless behavior. For example, if the defendant was under alcohol intoxication at the time of the accident, they may have to suffer more consequences than just paying damages.