Explore the different types of bank accounts


Everybody wants to save money so that they can utilize it to achieve their goals and dreams in the future. It is vital in the modern world to have a Digital Account Opening, whether you are an employer or an employee. In India, people can store their hard-earned cash in banks through various bank accounts. Depending on your needs, transaction volume, and location, you can save money by selecting from various bank accounts. Below, you can explore the different types of bank accounts:

Saving accounts

This kind of bank account is the most typical. To save money, people can open a savings account individually or jointly. Nowadays, with Digital Account Opening, many people feel it is easy to do transactions around the clock. One can earn interest by putting money into a savings account. The number of times one can deposit money is unrestricted. Because of this, savings bank accounts are quite liquid. The quantity and frequency of withdrawals are subject to daily limits. 

Current account

Most business owners or corporations use current accounts. On these accounts, banks don’t offer any interest. Unlimited is the most excellent sum of money that can be kept in this account. Account holders benefit from more everyday transactions as well. The Overdraft Facility is one of the current account’s standout features. With this function, account holders can obtain a credit facility even when their account balances are low. 

Salary accounts

Employers credit employee salaries to salary accounts on their behalf. Several bank accounts are opened according to the affiliation between the bank and the employer of a business or industry. It is the more practical method of crediting the employee’s account with the salary. The salary account offers advantages to the employee in addition to being helpful to the company. The salary account requires no minimum amount to remain open. The account owner can take advantage of interest on the money in the account, with the interest rate varying depending on the type of bank account.

Fixed deposit accounts 

Accounts with fixed deposits are also referred to as FD Accounts. A set amount of money is deposited in the fixed deposit account at the bank for a specific length of time. After being placed, funds in this account cannot be withdrawn before the period specified at the time of deposit. But in such a situation, if the individual wants to withdraw the money before the expiration term, he can pay a fee.

Joint account

Multiple people own a joint bank account. People who trust one another, such as spouses or family members, can open accounts voluntarily. The ability to deposit and withdraw money from the joint account belongs to each person who is a member. upi payment app Any account can be used as the joint one. The joint account may be for a short or extended period. Savings accounts comprise most joint family accounts, whereas current accounts belong to business partners.

Capping words

In India, these are the most common kinds of bank accounts. To save money, the person has a variety of account options. The amount can be quickly withdrawn with the help of a debit card. Do you need a debit card? If so, with Debit Card Online Apply, you can get the debit card from the comfort of your home.