Why College Students Should Switch to YNAB after Mint’s Shutdown


Mint is a popular personal finance management tool among college students and young people. These platforms made budgeting, tracking costs, and understanding financial patterns easy. Many consumers are looking for alternatives after Mint’s discontinuation. They Need a Budget (YNAB) is a strong competitor among several possibilities. College students struggling with budgeting and finances may benefit from YNAB. Here’s the answer in case you are wondering mint is gone should I try ynab?

Budgeting Actively

YNAB budgets proactively, unlike Mint, which tracks costs afterward. It works by “giving every dollar a job,” or allocating revenue to categories before spending it. Proactive budgeting can help college students stay disciplined and meet their financial goals.

Budgeting Zero

YNAB uses zero-based budgeting, allocating every dollar. This method pushes students to put tuition, textbooks, and rent before discretionary spending. Students may prevent overpaying and make smart financial decisions with a zero-based budget.

Financial Literacy Focus

Financial literacy promotion is YNAB’s hallmark. Articles, videos, and workshops on the platform teach users how to manage their money. These materials can help college students who are new to budgeting and financial planning create a sound financial foundation.

Real-Time Sync

YNAB doesn’t use automated transaction syncing like Mint. Rather than importing transactions, YNAB encourages manual spending entry for a more hands-on budgeting experience. This may take more effort at first, but it gives students more control and visibility over their funds, helping them understand their spending habits.

Goal-Setting and Tracking

Set financial goals and track them using YNAB. Students can set goals and allocate monies for spring vacation or emergency needs. This feature motivates pupils and lets them track their financial progress and celebrate their successes.

Custom Budget Categories

YNAB lets users create bespoke budget categories to meet their requirements and objectives, unlike Mint. Students can construct a budget that fits their lifestyle and financial goals, whether they’re paying off student loans, saving for the future, or planning extracurricular.

Multi-Platform Access

YNAB enables students manage their budgets on desktops, cell phones, and tablets. This flexibility allows students to track costs, change budgets, and meet financial goals even while juggling a demanding college schedule.

Financial Long-Term Planning

Overall, switching from Mint to YNAB means more proactive and intentional budget management. YNAB’s technique helps college students learn budgeting skills they’ll need throughout life. For post-graduation costs, saving for future objectives, or developing a strong financial foundation, YNAB gives students the skills and mentality to succeed in today’s complex financial world.


Mint’s shutdown should prompt college students to reconsider their money management tools. YNAB’s proactive budgeting, financial literacy, and goal setting make the switch worth it, even though it may appear daunting. College students may manage their funds, develop good money habits, and achieve financial success by switching to YNAB.