Want to explore the top crypto faucets in 2021


A crypto faucet is a website or an application designed to distribute small amounts of cryptocurrencies as a reward for the successful completion of simple tasks.  Almost every crypto faucet is profitable when used strategically. If you wish to find and use the simple and inexpensive method to earn free bitcoins, then you can use crypto faucets. You will become a millionaire soon if fortunate.

As a beginner to the top crypto faucets online, you may require absolute guidelines to find and use one of these apps or websites. You have to focus on various things like license, reliability, tasks required to be completed, user-friendly interface, mobile compatible design, success rate, testimonials from existing users, and other things before comparing the crypto faucets.

Understand the basics of the crypto faucets

Some of the most common tasks that users of the crypto faucets have to complete are watching videos, solving captchas, playing games, clicking links and visiting other websites. You can read unbiased reviews of the popular crypto faucets online and get an overview of the main features, facilities, pros, and cons of all such websites.

As compared to choosing the complex method to earn cryptocurrency in your busy schedule, you can prefer and use the number one crypto faucet and use it hereafter.  You do not require any specific knowledge about the cryptocurrency sector while using the user-friendly crypto faucet.

Free Bitcoin

Free Bitcoin is a renowned BTC faucet. All users of this platform have to access the “Free BTC” section and click on the “ROLL” button.  They have to bear in mind that their luck plays an important role to get the number of bitcoins. The theoretical amount users can reach on this platform is $200. However, users of this crypto faucet have to press the roll button an hour after they use it. This platform provides golden tickets, daily jackpot, betting, lottery, and contest.

Bonus Bitcoin

Bonus Bitcoin is known for its simple registration requirement and the hassle-free method to solve the captcha and earn cryptocurrency. If you have registered on this platform, you have to solve the captcha at first and click the button “Magic” to earn. You have to click the “Claim Now” in the middle of the page for every 15-minute and get 55 satoshi. This is worthwhile to play the dice games and multiply your earnings. You can keep your income in your account as this platform charges a 5% bonus on such income every day at midnight.


Cointiply is a renowned bitcoin faucet and designed to let its users earn coins via the faucet each hour. The amount range you can earn from this faucet is from 18 coins to 100,000 coins as per the spin-ed value and the multiplier bonus.

Users of this faucet earn from playing games, completing offers, watching videos, and doing browser mining activities. Regular improvements in Cointiply website give 100% satisfaction to all users. You need to check certain important aspects of any reliable bitcoin faucet before joining it.