Three Ideas How to Promote Direct Debit Payments For Payers and Organizations


Setting a Direct Debit payment method can give you significant cost savings per each payment transaction you do. It is a fast and convenient payment taken or paid on time. Direct Debit Payments can be handy for both the payer and the collecting company or organization. 

Below are some ideas that businesses can use to promote the benefits of using Direct Debit to their payers.

1. Offer Flexible Payment Dates

Everyone has different preferences and options to make payments. Most payers or organizations prefer using direct debit to pay after they have received their payments. Payers of any company are more likely to use direct debit to pay if they provide them with enough options on payment dates and times that suit them. 

2. Arrange Training Sessions

It is a good idea to arrange training sessions for you and your teams to help you be fully trained and updated on Direct Debits. For this, you can request some accredited Direct Debit expert to provide you with some necessary guidance. They will educate you and your team on how you can decrease the number of unpaid items and indemnity claims. They will also train you on ways to improve your customer experience. 

3. Use the Right Channel to Set up Direct Debit

Taking full advantage of Direct Debit and having more customers ready to pay through this payment method requires the right paperless channel. Working with experts at can significantly help increase the number of Direct Debit sign-ups. It is a flexible platform offering an easy sign-up process and method to implement a paperless direct debit channel for those who want to stay ahead of the competition. 

Business-to-business environments usually look to reduce debtor times. The good news is that direct debit customers tend to pay on time without needing the organization to chase them. As an organization, you could set rewards by offering improved payment terms for those customers who choose Direct Debit to make their payments. It will also enable you to be in control in terms of your financial matters.