The Secrets of Importing Your Amazon Products


Moving your amazon products from one location to another has become a great challenge today. This is still a transit full of opportunities and you can only nail it effectively and cost-efficiently if you know the logistics really well. Here we have listed down a few secrets that will help you smoothly move the goods without facing the hassles that others do.

Find the Right Supplier

You need to be primarily aware of how and from where you are sourcing your goods. The source must be reputable and must not have any legal issues bound to them. Check through the supplier reviews and understand if they have ever exported to the US before. If they have, the process will be a bit easier for you. You can get clear documents on import and export if your supplier is dependable.

Find the Best Way to FBA

If you are a new player in the FBA, it will be ideal for you to know and test your audience before you think of making larger investments. Decide on choosing a delivery service or a freight forwarder depending on your establishments. If you think about shipping high-value goods, get complete clearance from the government before you begin.

How Would You Ship?

Once you have chosen the forwarder, now choose the best way of transit. Choose among ocean freight or air freight. Airfreight is going to cost you a lot more than waterways because it offers fast transit. On the other hand, your ocean freight can help you choose the space you demand for your cargo and can increase it when importing in bulk.

Get the Shipping Quotes

Knowing your mode of shipping will lead you to attain different quotes from different providers. You will get different price ranges for different modes and comparing among them to settle for the ideal one is the option you want to look forward to. Before opting for quotes, make sure you have the specifics of your cargo ready with you.


Getting your logistics cleared will lead you to move forward to customs and your paperwork. Amazon will not act as the importer in FBA so it leaves you as the FBA seller who needs to complete all of the customs compliances.

Doing it all by yourself can be tedious and hence depending on Clearit fba freight forwarding will relieve you of worries and help you clear all your Amazon imports.