OrbitGTM Review: What Makes OrbitGTM Such A Good Broker


In this OrbitGTM Review, I will be talking about the features that make OrbitGTM a good and recommended brokerage firm. The trading firm that you select plays an important role in determining your success as a trader. Therefore, this decision should be made with care. You will not come across many trading firms that match the requirements of different types of traders. This is because all traders are unique and come from different backgrounds. However, you may find a few brokers that just might be the right pick for all types of traders. One such trading firm is OrbitGTM. 

OrbitGTM has been in the game since 2016 and has made a good name for it among traders. So, let’s take a look at some features of this firm that make it a good broker. 

Features That Make OrbitGTM A Good Broker

List of Tradable Assets

OrbitGTM supports a wide range of assets including forex, cryptocurrency, indices, shares, bonds, stocks, and commodities. This range of assets allows traders to access different markets and learn the difference between them. It provides traders with more investment opportunities that they can use to build a diverse trade portfolio as well as practice low-risk trading. 

Propriety Trading Platform

The trading platform that OrbitGTM offers is a cutting-edge propriety web trader. Web traders make for an excellent trading platform simply because they are low maintenance. You don’t have to download or install anything on your device to use the trading platform. The trading platform is equipped with the latest trade tools which make it easier for traders to make investment decisions. What makes it even better is the user-friendly interface due to which even new traders can enjoy using modern trade tools. 

Segregated Accounts

Security is a high priority for OrbitGTM. This is why in addition to the strong security protocols it has implemented to protect its system, OrbitGTM stores your funds in segregated accounts. Doesn’t that sound safe? Segregated accounts are accounts that even the brokerage firm cannot access and are a way of protecting your money from all danger.  So, even if a hacker is able to get into the firm’s system, they won’t be able to touch your money at all. 

Reasonable Initial Deposits

As a new trader, you will not be willing to risk a deposit of a large amount to a firm that you just created an account with. You are in the experimenting phase when you first sign up with a trading firm and so, it wouldn’t be smart to pick one that requires a high amount. OrbitGTM understands this concern of new traders and has set a reasonable rate of initial deposit for their basic account. With just a deposit of $500, you can access all the features of the basic account that OrbitGTM offers. This is something rare to find because a majority of the trading firms these days have really high initial deposit rates and offer the bare minimum features in their basic accounts. 

Customer Support

OrbitGTM has a great reputation among online traders. While the high quality of the features and services it offers plays a huge role in that image, the quality of the customer support service can make or break it. Fortunately for OrbitGTM, the customer support that it offers is reliable and trustworthy. While the department is only active 5 days a week, it is active 24 hours. This means that whenever you send in our query, you will get a reply back. Your queries can be submitted via emails, Skype, live chats, and other social media profiles of the firm. You can also get in touch with them via phone calls.  

Final Thoughts

In this review, I have only talked about a few of the main features of OrbitGTM. However, it is obvious how much the brokerage firm has to offer to its users. If you cannot find a brokerage firm that meets all your criteria, then consider signing up with OrbitGTM. I am sure that you will not be disappointed by the experience.