Look for the Best details in Tax return Now


The taxpayer will compare and analyze the information about you and ask if your tax return is suspicious. You can receive deductions if their criteria are in line with the rules. But is only one-euro bus tickets accepted as business travel expenses?

At the latest after May Day, you should start checking the tax return. If the pre-filled declarations need to be corrected, the changes must be made by 8 or 15 May.Many are wondering where deductions could be detached from everywhere. It makes sense to use the benefits of taxation, but the tax administration is reminded that the guidelines must be followed.

There is a high risk of being caught stretching reality and invented spending, as the tax administration has analysts and systems that process data. Chief Inspector, the expert says that everything is screened crosswise and each number is checked.

  • If any ambiguities or inconsistencies are found, further clarification is requested.

According to The expert, they are asked for quite a lot. He estimates that most of the ambiguities are due to mistakes and incompetence.

  • Usually things work out. As a rule, customers are honest.

The expert urges you to check that all the pieces in the pre-filled tax return are correct.

  • You shouldn’t just stare at whether or not you get a refund.

If there are any remarks, The expert recommends electronic services, as they will not move forward if the required fields are not filled in. Evidence should be kept for inquiries.

Although receipts have not had to be sent to the taxpayer for years, some still do. If you find it difficult to file a tax return, you can ask the taxpayer for help, for example by phone or chat.

Business travel expenses

Most taxpayers want further clarification on the cost of travel between home and work. The main rule is that they can be reduced on the basis of the lowest price for public transport. The estimate tax return will be accordingly.

Using your own car often causes torque. It is usually only accepted if a public transport is not available or if the waiting time not the Travel Time for the round trip is a total of at least two hours or the trip has to be done at night.

For example, one works 50 kilometers away and reports 6,600 euros in travel expenses. They do not go through, as a bus with a regional ticket would cost 946 euros for travel. The ticket price cannot be calculated for a summer holiday.

Effective Decisions for the Submission

A regional ticket will be accepted even if the occasional campaign price of the train or bus company is lower.Individual euro offers need to be connected. It would take too much time and energy, and they are not available every working day, the expert says.If this person’s journey from home to the bus stop is more than three kilometers, he can deduct the operating costs of the car from the piece, unless public transport can be used for the trip. If he treads the trip, he can make an annual bicycle reduction of € 85.