How To Select The Right Trading Platform For Investments?


Does your share market app impact the success of your investment decision? While new entrants in the market would wave away the question, professional traders would have a different story to write. A Demat account facilitated through a trading platform holds all your investments and is the engineer behind every trade you decide to take. It is meant to streamline every user’s conception of the intricate nature of the financial market. On the surface, a trading platform acts as a bridge between eager traders and the financial markets; however, in reality, it is a depiction of one’s trading journey. 

Attributing to the advent of digitalization, the financial market segment saw a paradigm shift toward online investment that became an innovative move and a catalyst for every household to participate in investing. This led to a rise in several trading platforms and applications in the market, making it difficult for an individual to select the right share market trading app that suits their needs. Every platform promises an engaging design, yet, in addition to seamless navigation, it is integral for the app to have additional features to bolster a trader’s investment decision. 

The Ideal App

Several traders open their demat accounts solely focusing on trading and earning in the stock market. However, the depth of financial markets goes far beyond that, which ultimately prompts an individual to engage in the approach of diversification. From mutual funds and F & O to even currency trading, a plethora of investment segments and opportunities are available. In such instances, every trader needs a share trading app that becomes a one-stop platform for dealing with all the above components. Below are additional pointers highlighting the features of an ideal app.

  1. Charges & Fees

Brokerage charges should be the first criterion an individual must analyze before opting for a trading app. The percentage of brokerage charges levied by these applications upon their users for each trade is what sets apart the good apps and the application that users should be wary of. The ideal applications would charge little to no brokerage fees on equity trading while charging the bare minimum on other investments. Higher brokerage fees and hidden charges can impact the net profitability of your investment. 

  1. Customer Support

Having their hard-earned capital invested in the financial market, every user is bound to be concerned with the aspect of security. Any ideal app is obligated to provide a prompt response to the grievances of a user and ease their worries in their hour of need. 

  1. Resources 

The market competition has scaled the bar of expectations amongst the users, wherein every user perceives a trading application as a facilitator of investing and a university of knowledge. From investment ideas to live updates, users turn toward these applications to elevate their market comprehension. 


Choosing the right platform for trading is quintessential before starting your trading journey. From brokerage charges to convenient features, the ideal trading platform should channel your focus toward productivity and profits.