Easy Steps to Get a Pawn Shop Loan


Fast cash from a loan is possible when you choose to use a pawn shop. Here is a simple guide to help you in applying for a loan from a pawn shop Jackson, or anywhere.

Step one – Choose your item to pawn

First, you need to know which item you intend to get a loan against. This is known as the collateral. Certain items tend to do better at a pawnshop, gold, working electronics, tools, coins, fire arms to name a few. They do not have to give you a loan, so it makes sense to choose something they are more likely to be able to sell should you not repay the loan. It also needs to have a value that is higher than the loan amount you want to get.

Step two – Compare different pawn shops

You can find some differences between one pawn shop Brick and another, so compare them. The interest rate vary, the fees and even the percentage of the loan they offer against the item’s value. To get the best deal you need to visit or call a few shops.

Step three – Discuss the terms being offered

When you have it narrowed down you can then talk about the terms and the loan they are willing to offer. Most pawn loans are 30 days but some extend them. Just be ready for the higher interest rates and the fees should you want to extend.

Step four – Receive the loan and pawn ticket

When you agree to the terms with the lender you will then be given the money and a piece of paper often referred to as a pawn ticket. You need to bring it back with the loan repayment to get the item back.

Why use a pawnshop?

  • If the loan amount for the item is not enough for what you need, you could see if they are interested in buying the item.
  • You get the cash straight away in less than an hour. There is not the delay that even the quickest of loans have.
  • Anyone can get a loan at a pawn shop Jackson or beyond, there is no credit check, as long as you have an item they value, are the legal owner of the item and you are an adult, you can get a loan there.
  • Not paying this loan will not affect your credit score and will not show up on your credit history. If you do not come back you just have to be prepared to accept the loss of the item. They can now take ownership of it.


Using a pawn shop Brick is an easy and fast way to get money as long as you have an item they are willing to give you a loan against. The interest rates are high, a lot more than traditional personal loans, so make sure you are prepared for that. Do not put an item up to pawn if you are not prepared to lose it.