Accepting Credit Card Payments Online Through Payment Gateways: A Guide


Nowadays, online shopping is no longer something foreign to us; rather, in times of the pandemic, it is the only savior. So, online payments are the most preferred mode of payment for most customers. We’re making transactions online through debit or credit cards and through other modes like UPI, net banking, and other such payment gateways. 

What is a Payment Gateway? 

A payment gateway is the simplest way for a business to collect digital or online payments from their website or app. Its main function is to facilitate communication between the banks. For e-commerce sites, payment gateways are essential as they play an important role in credit card processing. They securely transmit crucial information between issuing and acquiring banks and protect sensitive information from fraudulent parties. As we know, complete privacy of customers’ bank details is the foremost requirement for online payments. Having the best payment gateway in India will ensure that level of security through its strict security standards and checks. 

Types of Payment Gateways:

There are a host of payment gateway providers in India 

  • GooglePay 
  • PhonePe
  • CC Avenue 
  • Instamojo
  • BitPay
  • Mastercard payment gateway, proceeds, and various others.


What can be the best payment gateway in India for you, depends on the kind of services a particular payment gateway can provide.

How does a Credit Card Payment Gateway work?

Since a payment gateway processes sensitive information of the customers, it ensures security by proper encryption of data. There are a few steps that a customer needs to follow to make a payment in any payment gateways:

  • A customer, after placing the order, has to press a checkout button for making the payment, which will take him to various payment gateway options.
  • The customer then selects his/her preferable payment gateway option and proceeds further to make the payment.
  • Once this happens, the website or e-commerce platform takes the customer to the particular selected payment gateway where he/she is to put in all the relevant bank details of his credit card. The payment gateway then takes the user directly to the issuing bank or a 3D secure page, asking for the transaction to be authorized.
  • After the authorization is done, the customer and the payment gateway receive the approval. The bank then checks whether the customer has enough credit balance in his account, and the payment is done accordingly.
  • The customer receives a confirmation message from the payment gateway, informing the success of the payment and the present account balance of the customer.


Benefits of Using the Best Payment Gateway in India

A payment gateway is not only used for transferring money but also has other benefits. Now let’s discuss some of them in a simple manner:

  •     Secure Transactions: Customers who are new to such online payment platforms might have a fear in their minds about the security and reliability of such payment platforms. However, nowadays, these payment gateways have earned their goodwill by maintaining security and ensuring smooth transactions of payments.
  •     Expanded Customer Base: Availability of these payment gateways all over India has facilitated the e-commerce sites and various other websites to reach many customers all over the world.
  •     Faster Transactions: Making online payments through these gateways is the most hassle-free and quick. Manual entry of account details in order to make a payment involves a lot more time and inconvenience for the customers.
  •     Full Control: The merchant has full control over the entire purchase process, thus providing an opportunity to take an action immediately, in case any problem occurs.
  •     Added benefits: Having an option of making payments through these gateways also means that the customer is free to shop and make payments whenever convenient. He/she doesn’t have to depend on any particular hours of the day to make the purchase. It’s open 24/7 for him day and night, at least in case you choose the best payment gateway in India.


The most significant advantage of a payment gateway is that it allows millions of users to use it at the same time from the comforts of their homes, thus making it possible to buy and sell goods and services whenever they want.