A Capital One Ventureone Card Review.


If you are searching for a low-cost travel rewards card, the Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card might be the best match for you. You will earn miles on every one of your purchases, and you will have the choice to boost your earnings in your first year by taking advantage of a major sign-up bonus. Additionally, there are a few Capital One advantages, like the zero percent initial APR on purchases made during the initial year of ownership.

Quick highlights

Clients of Capital One Travel make 5 miles per dollar spent on hotels as well as rental cars, while any other customers make 1.25 miles per dollar on all the transactions.

  • Offer made as a thank you: If you spend $500 or more within the first three months, you will receive 20,000 extra miles.
  • Annual fee: $0
  • Purchase introductory APR: 0% for the first 15 months of ownership
  • Introductory APR on balance transfers: zero percent for the first 15 months
  • APR (annual percentage rate): 14.99 percent to 24.99 percent variable

Current welcome offer

Those who sign up for the Capital One VentureOne credit card and invest a minimum of USD 500 in the first 3 weeks of making an account, they are going to receive a 20,000-mile sign-up bonus. Just to get started with this card you are able to save as much as $ 1,000 to be able to start collecting miles, that is equal to about $ 16,000 to be able to get the 20,000 miles you need.

Due to the lower spending requirements, this incentive is worth USD 200 towards travel through Capital One. This offer is typical among other no-annual fee credit cards, due to the great value bonus. Rewards rate

Every transaction made with the VentureOne Rewards card earns you a flat-rate reward in the form of Capital One miles, making it a convenient and low-hassle travel rewards card alternative. Additionally, your miles will not expire for the duration of your account and will not be subject to blackout dates.

Earning rewards

It doesn’t matter where you purchase as you may earn 1.25X miles for every single dollar you spend, and there’s absolutely no limit to the number of miles you are able to earn. You will get 5X miles for every dollar whenever you make use of the Capital One travel website to book hotels and car rentals.

Redeeming rewards

You are able to make use of your Capital One miles to book flights, hotel rooms, and leasing cars through the reward centre by signing in to capitalone.com. You may also use your card to make travel arrangements through a third-party site and then redeem the miles for a statement credit which may be used to spend on any travel expenses during the last ninety days. Only purchases made through a travel merchant code will be eligible; nonetheless, this usually covers airline tickets, timeshares, limo services, cruises, rental cars, hotels, along with other similar services.

You can cash out your miles in the form of a statement credit, check, gift cards, purchases on PayPal or Amazon.com, along with other choices in case you don’t want to utilize them for traveling. Alternately, you can transfer your miles to any of the over fifteen external travel loyalty programmes that Capital One has partnered with, like the Wyndham Rewards and Accord Live Limitless hotel reward programmes. Actually, on April 20, 2021, Capital One announced upcoming enhancements to the Capital One Travel platform, in addition to the inclusion of 3 additional transfer partners: Turkish Airlines, Tap Air Portugal and British Airways.

Not all these transfer partners possess exactly the same redemption value, but British Airways is most likely most desirable of these new additions when it comes to redemption value, with its adaptability. Simply because British Airways is a transfer partner that Capital One shares with Chase and American Express, in addition to being the third most frequent airline in the world (82), it’s a great fit for Capital One. When all of these elements are taken together, they could lead to some truly interesting card combinations, in addition to a useful degree of reward flexibility for regular British Airways flyers.

How much are miles worth?

If you opt to travel with Capital one, every mile may be worth One cent, but the mileage will vary based on the option you select. Moving your points to another travel partner can offer you the most value, based on the CreditCards.com analysis of up to 2.36 cents per mile. Prior to sending money, always check out the conversion rate, because a few partners might have a less than 1: one transfer rate. Thankfully, starting with the issuer’s April 20, 2021, update, the issuer has gradually upgraded nearly all of its transfer partners to the 1:1 value tier over time – except for EVA Air (2:1.5) and Accor Live Limitless (2:1), which were both updated on January 25, 20

Redeeming your miles for non-travel purposes will decrease the value of your miles. Generally, gift cards have a 1:1 redemption ratio, nevertheless changing your miles to cash back lowers the value of your miles to about 0.5 cents per mile. In the same way, making use of your miles to make purchases on PayPal or Amazon.com will lead to each mile being worth just 0.8 cents.


When it comes to what’s offered, the Capital One VentureOne provides the basic essentials of a travel card – that is not bad considering there’s no annual fee. Capital One cards generally don’t provide the most comprehensive travel benefits package, apart from the Visa Signature benefits. Nevertheless, you will notice that the additional functions will go down in number to obtain a far more simplified card.

Travel and shopping services

Since it’s a card created especially for travel, you’ll have access to 24-hour travel support services, which may help you in getting cash if your card is lost or stolen. If you use your card to rent a car, you will also get no cost auto rental insurance and fraud protection. Additional benefits you might be eligible for because of paying with your credit card include extended warranty coverage, fraud coverage, and travel and emergency help services, among others.

Travel enhancements to Capital One beginning April 20, 2021, include exclusive admission prices to Capital One’s 2 first airport lounges with your VentureOne card, as well as discounted entry prices to Capital One’s other travel additions. There’re virtually no credit card companies which have their very own airport Lounges, with most prominent being American Express’s Centurion Lounge. Within the next few months, Capital One intends to equip its new airport club with a number of useful facilities. It’s envisioned that Capital One Lounges will have locally created food stations, shower suites, bartender lounge dining in addition to resting areas, workout rooms, and other amenities.


Capital One Access can be the best way to get a concept about what to expect at upcoming functions, and how you can book presale tickets as well as receive VIP Access for concerts and music festivals.

Security features

You are able to keep close track of your card with the Capital One mobile app, which includes features such as*RB_IN* virtual card numbers, real -time security alerts, as well as credit report notification systems from CreditWise. This’s outstanding coverage, supplied by the simple fact that CreditWise is among the few deep web credit monitoring services supplied directly by issuers.

Rates and Fees

VentureOne can compete with its competitors fairly well with regards to rates and fees. There’s no annual fee and overseas transaction fees aren’t charged. There’s additionally no intro APR on purchases for the first twelve weeks after opening your account (after that, the APR ranges from 14.99 percent to 24.99 % variable), which is not far off from today’s average interest rate. Although you shouldn’t keep an open balance on a rewards card, there’re numerous competitors that do offer reduced rates on interest.

Cash advances are going to be charged a price of USD 10 or 3% of the amount borrowed, whichever is greater, in addition to a variable APR of 24.99 %, so it is far better to pay them off as quickly as possible. Late payments will generally end up in charges of up to USD 40 per transaction, which isn’t unusual in the industry. Transfer charges for money: three %.